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How to Style Your Wedding Day Jewellery

Choosing your wedding day jewellery is an exciting part of preparation for the big event. It usually signals that your special day is drawing closer; selecting the finishing touches to bring your vision to life. But be careful not to let yourself get too carried away with the excitement and risk your jewellery overshadowing your look! You want your wedding accessories to compliment your beautiful bridal style rather than be the focal point.

We have put together some handy tips to help you find the best jewellery styles for your wedding look so keep reading to find yours!

Wedding Dress Neckline

When choosing accessories for your wedding look, make sure you consider the neckline style of your wedding dress. For example, a heavy pendant would overpower a delicate lace neckline!

Strapless– Strapless necklines like sweetheart or straight across are perfect for shorter necklaces with smaller pendants. You want the pendant to sit around the top of your sternum, where your collar bones meet. A longer length of chain or having a larger pendant that sits below this area will push the proportions off balance or mean that the pendant becomes invisible in the neckline of the dress. We suggest a necklace from our stunning carat collection or our pave set heart necklace as shown on our model.

High Neck- High necklines such as halter or illusion are difficult to pair with necklaces without it covering the beautiful detailing of the dress. Due to the nature of the neckline, there isn’t any room above the dress for even a short length necklace. We would therefore suggest a pair of dramatic drop earrings that will follow the line of the dress and draw sights up from the neckline to your eyes. We recommend a pair of our stunning lever hook pearl drop earrings, or our oval and round zirconia drop earrings as shown on our model.

V Neck- If you have a plunging neckline, it is tempting to wear a dramatic necklace to fill the space this style has created, but make sure your necklace doesn’t overpower your statement dress! You may want a slightly longer length chain, as a shorter length may look odd in the space and a longer length chain will mirror the shape of the dress neckline. We suggest a drop necklace with a subtle sparkle such as our pearl chain drop necklace, as worn by our model. With the upside of extra length added from the drop chain and pearl, this will accent the shape of the dress perfectly.


More and more people are choosing to add a pop of colour to their wedding look through their jewellery selection. This could be a brilliant way to let your personality shine with your accessories or a lovely way to tie in your style with your wedding colours.

For those who have a pink wedding theme, our beautiful pink morganite coloured set as shown on our model will really pop against a neutral coloured dress. Or if you are in need of a ‘something blue’ to bring you good luck on the day, why not select a sapphire blue coloured set from our Royal collection or our ever popular light blue set.

Keep it Consistent

To avoid overwhelming you and your dress, you will need to keep your wedding jewellery consistent, and rightly so! You are the centre of attention on your big day, not your jewellery!

We would recommend avoiding mixed metals if possible. Whilst mixing metals and jewellery stacking is a great way to personalise your style on a casual day, it may overcomplicate your look on your wedding day or distract from your beautiful self and your dress. Matching shapes and metal or stone colours will compliment no matter where they are worn on your body and flow better with your overall look.

Consider your Theme

If you have a theme to your wedding, whether that be a rustic barn, a grand castle, or a sunny beach, make sure your jewellery suits your theme. If your wedding theme is very casual, be careful not to choose jewellery that is too dramatic.

We consider our pearl jewellery a great fit for most themes, from stately homes to forest weddings. From our more conventional styled pearls such as our pearl and zirconia bracelet as shown on our model, to our more fun loving and casual styles like our bubble pearl necklace and earring set.

Your special day deserves the perfect wedding jewellery. Shop online with Diamonfire and discover the complete range of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings; crafted with our exquisite zirconia stones – the luxury, affordable alternative to genuine diamonds.

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