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The Diamonfire brand name is synonymous with outstanding quality, creativity and a keen sense of designer trends. However, it was the innovation of creating a synthetic stone, cut and polished exactly as a diamond that excited the jewellery world, when Diamonfire delivered the “Ideal Cut”, a specific polishing technique for diamonds, for zirconia stones.


Today the Diamonfire zirconia stone is one of the most exclusive of all synthetic stones with its 57 hand-polished facets from its natural ideal. To further identify its premium positioning Diamonfire zirconia is measured according to the same quality criteria as a true diamond – purity, proportion and colour – and it is even measured in carats.

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Our jewellery is characterised by a gleaming combination of 925 sterling silver and “ideal cut“ zirconia stones. The ideal cut is a perfect 57-facet cut which is – for stones over 4mm – exactly within range of tolerance for hand cut brilliants. In addition, all Diamonfire stones are measured electronically and their quality is assessed according to the quality criteria for real brilliant-cut. Every customer who purchases a piece of jewellery receives an individual jewellery certificate as well as a velvet-lined silk packaging in order to confirm the quality of the stones used.

The surface of the sterling silver mounts are treated to the exclusive Diamonfire jewellery plating process that gives it such a high-quality brilliance and long-lasting protection from tarnishing that is safe for skin. All Diamonfire jewellery is hypoallergenic and multi-layered, triple-plated using precious metals; rhodium, palladium and platinum or 24ct gold.

About our jewellery


The company is aware of the moral and ethical issues that surround the consumables that are used in the manufacture of its products and therefore makes every effort to ensure that they are purchased through approved sources. The suppliers are encouraged and influenced to operate to similar standards and where reasonably practical are able to trace raw materials back to their origin.

External suppliers are visited regularly and audits are conducted to ensure they conform to the ethical and sustainable requirements stipulated by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Any issues raised are dealt with in a transparent manner so as not to infringe Human Rights and are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.

The company not only takes responsibility for the human rights of its suppliers to the company but is mindful of the rights of both its employees and its customers.

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