2021/2022 COLLECTION

Jewellery with timeless elegance and captivating charm. The new Diamonfire collection is quintessential evening adornment, with collections that also make an exceptional sparkly every day piece and bridal wear. You will find our Iconic range with classic jewellery designs and timeless appeal; the Royal range of rich colours; and our Brilliance lines which feel as if they have been pulled from the pages of a fairy tale, with a real showcase of sparkle.


Touches of floral inspiration, pretty hearts and soft coloured stones await; with each design encompassing the sensational Diamonfire secret. The secret being that our designs are completely inspired by diamonds, offering zirconia stones that have 57 facets like a brilliant cut diamond; giving you a truly dazzling and remarkable alternative to these sought-after gem stones. We are excited about our new feminine pearl lines, offering brides a timely and romantic piece for the warmer months.