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Modern life is amazingly diverse. Every day is filled with variety and everywhere we look we are spoilt for choice. People have distinct tastes and individual notions of beauty and this has inspired us in creating the 10 Character Lines which form our brand.

The top 10 Diamonfire Characters are designed to thrill different personalities with distinctive, creative designs. The collection goes from “All-time Classics” which never go out of style, to the latest “must-haves”.

Regardless of their character, all pieces of Diamonfire jewellery are beautifully crafted and designed. In the following pages we will present several select pieces representing each Character Line. Browsing these allows every woman to select and define a collection all her own, according to the facets of her personality.

Whatever selections you make, we promise that these wonderful pieces will give a lifetime of joy and incomparable brilliance.

Yours sincerely,
Burkhard Müller.